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Consumer Trade Litigation & Deceptive Trade Practices Litigation

Consumer litigation is big in Texas, which has a strong deceptive trade practice — consumer protection act, as well as other statutes governing debt collection, consumer finance, and fraud in the sale of securities or real estate, just to name a few such statutes. Tom Carnes has a history in handling such matters, both on the behalf of consumers and in defense of the business that they sue.

In this area, it is vital that the lawyer understand the statutes, which often provide short-cuts for consumers when compared to the common-law actions that they are based on, to the detriment of the defending business. Such statutes often provide elements that are easier to prove, such as the omission of an element of intent in statutory fraud cases. The statutes also often provide for attorneys' fees and other expenses, and sometimes even statutory exemplary damages. All of this makes this area of the law high stakes litigation for the defending business. Whether you are a complaining consumer or a business defending against one, it is important that you engage counsel that knows this area of the law inside and out. Tom Carnes is such a lawyer.

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